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HRH Princess Sikhanyiso

Royalty is less about fame and a great name- it is more about service and sacrifice.

- HRH Princess Sikhanyiso


Welcome to the official website of
Her Royal Highness Inkhosatana Principal Princess and Chief Maiden Sikhanyiso of Swaziland

Besides the two other existing monarchies: the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Lesotho, Swaziland remains the last absolute monarchy in Africa, whose people thrive in a culture that hallows ancient tradition, the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge, and Godliness.

Internationally, Swaziland is respected for its ability to unite Africans through the commemoration of African custom. Having preserved its originality, kingship, language, and ways-of-life, Swaziland is affectionately considered "the heartland of Africa".

HM King Mswati III of Swaziland has created a legacy as an ambassador for culture and monarchial democracy. The king encourages the idea of peaceful resolutions between rival countries and between predecessors and new heads-of-state usually during general summits of the United Nations, Commonwealth, African Union, and Southern African Development Community.

His Majesty's endeavours are both respected and emulated by the young Swazi royals and Princess Sikhanyiso, in particular, strives to promote peace and unity to the world as a requisite for sustainable development in Africa. Peace as Swaziland knows it comes from the Almighty God.

Though landlocked, many tourists admire Swaziland's scenic landscape: mountains that omit pure mineral water, unpolluted fresh air, bush forests, and waterfalls that piece Swaziland together into a little paradise. With a population of a little above one million, Swaziland is purported to be the home of a larger number of flora and fauna and animal species than people.

The kingdom is renowned for being a calm and peaceable environment to visit, live and work in. Both foreigners and locals agree on one thing, that Swaziland's greatest resource is its people: inspiring, joyful, and well-mannered.

Princess Sikhanyiso's avowed intention of serving Their Majesties and the state in truth and humility reflects in this, that although she acquired her education in the West, she always returns home to support cultural ceremonies and join forces with others for the purpose of political and socio-economic development in Swaziland.